CodeGear announces Q1 releases of Delphi 2007 and Delphi for PHP

Lot’s of new links added to my link blog related to today’s announcements. I’m a bit late in getting to the news as I’ve been burning the midnight oil working to improve the performance of desktop switching in the IDE.

I want to know what do you think of today’s news? Leave me a comment…

3 thoughts on “CodeGear announces Q1 releases of Delphi 2007 and Delphi for PHP

  1. I think ‘Delphi for PHP’ is a fantastic thing. One that my employer, and I as a small business owner, are keen to look into.
    Hopefully it will capture the minds of new developers who often start in languages line PHP.
    I personally would like it as I could have my wife, who has minimal but sufficient HTML knowledge to get into it. She finds the full ASP.NET a bit over complex and unnessesary. (We use Delphi ASP.NET for our business web site).
    I find the name a bit odd. I suppose it is just a hint of the naming convention for the new CodeGear product range. So I am willing to wait and see how it falls into place.

  2. I am also confused by the name chosen "Delphi for PHP". I thought that Delphi was (only) a language and mixing Delphi and PHP in the same tool denomination looks confusing for me.

  3. Franck,
    To me, Object Pascal is the language and Delphi is much more of an idea that encompasses things like:
    – Fast code/compile/run/debug cylces
    – Rich framework(s)
    – Visual designers
    – Small fast executables
    Now, apply that same sort of thinking to PHP.

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