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Facebook Starter Kits for VS.NET updated

Since I’ve had a lot of interest in the VS.NET Starter Kits I created for the Facebook development I thought it worth mentioning I’ve updated both to their latest releases.

Facebook Developer ToolKit is now at v1.5 (starter kit download)

Facebook.NET is now at v0.3 (starter kit download)

Here are the relevant blog posts:

Visual Studio Starter Kit for Facebook application development

VS.NET starter kit for Nikhil Kothari’s Facebook.NET


Facebook Developer Toolkit v1.3 Starter Kit updated

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2008: A new release is available here.

I’ve updated my Facebook Starter Kit to version 1.3 of the Facebook Developer Toolkit published by Microsoft available on CodePlex. I also cleaned up the code and moved the Appkey and Secret so their read from web.config.

Btw, I’ve had a few questions in email about how to fetch a friend list which can be done as follows:

if (!IsPostBack)
<User> userinfo = _fbService.GetUserInfo(_fbService.UserId); Label1.Text = "Hi, " + userinfo[0].FirstName;
= userinfo[0].PictureUrl.ToString();

// Use the FacebookService Component to populate Friends System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<User> Friends =
for (int i = 0; i < Friends.Count; i++)

If you haven’t seen it I’ve also created a starter kit for Nikil Kothari‘s Facebook.NET framework so be sure to take a look a that as well.