Calling France

While my blog was hosted on the Borland blog server I was unable to get any real statistics about the usage of my blog which was one of the reasons I decided to host it myself. I’m now using Google Analytics to track site usage and find out what sort of reach my blog has. All I can say is WOW what an eye opener! I had no idea my blog was read in so many different countries around the world. If I knew for sure that it wasn’t against Google’s TOS I’d post a screenshot of the world map with indicators of all the locations.

However, one thing struck me as somewhat odd, not one click has come from France. AFAICT, there are hits from all of the neighboring countries so it seems a little odd that France has none especially considering Europe is where my blog is most widely read. So, here I am, left scratching my head.

Anyway, if you are interested in tracking the usage of your site I’d highly recommend Google Analytics.

Lastly, it’s interesting to know that FireFox, my favorite browser, is beating IE 48% to 42%.

8 thoughts on “Calling France

  1. Hello,
    yes France is reading you 🙂
    but i’m wondering how those statistics works when you use google reader or another online rss reader. What is the country of the reader : france or the one where google reader is hosted?

  2. Steve,
    There must be something wrong in your statistics.
    I’ve been reading each and every post you made since at least july, 2005.
    OTOH, I’ve been reading you through your RSS feed, and that might not be taken into account?
    For this very post, I had to use the web link to post an answer. If *that* one doesn’t show up in the statistics, there is definitely sumthin’ wrong.
    And let a (usually) silent reader take the opportunity to thank you for a very interesting blog. 🙂 /Ph.

  3. Hi Olivier & Philippe,
    Thanks for the comments! As you suspected Google Analyitics only works on my actual web page and not via the RSS feed. I guess I anticipated at least one click through to my actual site. Anyway, there should certainly be some data points how so it will be interesting to see.
    Thanks again for the reply.

  4. Another country under-represented is Mexico. I have hits from several South American countries, but none from Mexico. This is odd considering the size and proximity of Mexico. And I’ve personally met programmers from smaller countries in central and south america, but none from Mexico. Maybe this explains some of the problems Mexico is having with their economy?

  5. Hi Steve !
    I’m reading you as well !
    I must confess, not for a long time and not everyday, but I do read your posts ;o)
    I even had referenced one of them on Delphi’s blog, as I’m kinda responsible for it !
    (here you go : ^^)
    Don’t worry, France does not boycott your blog !
    best regards,
    Olivier Lance.
    ps: ah and I’m in UK for the moment, so you won’t find any french referer for me, sorry ^^

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