Building my blog Part II: Selecting blog software

First, I’ll admit I got a bit ahead of myself in Part I since by the time I selected an ISP I’d already downloaded and setup dasBlog before making the commitment to hosting my own blog. Anyway…

Since my day job involves building an ASP.NET designer using a blog engine running on something other than ASP.NET wasn’t really an option. However, as far as blog engines go I’ve either used or I’m currently using the following blog software:

  • WordPress
  • Google’s Blogger
  • .Text by Scott Watermasysk whose long since moved on to Community Server which I have not tried though it looks very nice
  • dasBlog – the blog engine you’re reading from now unless of course you’re using a $g(feed reader).

For my personal blog dasBlog was particularly appealing for the following reasons:

  • Runs on ASP.NET
  • The feature set
  • It’s Open Source
  • Actively being developed
  • Widely used as I’ve run into it on lots of blogs though I have no idea of the actual size of the community
  • Does not require a SQL server (a $10/month cost savings on DiscountSP.NET)
  • Easy FTP content backup
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy XCOPY deployment
  • Allows for total flexibility WRT to skinning/theming
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Supports all of the standard blogging things like trackbacks, pingbacks etc.
  • Supports Google Sitemaps
  • Supports development of custom plugins
  • Built-in FeedBurner support
  • And lot’s more…

I believe that about sums it up. Next, I’ll talk about getting dasBlog downloaded, installed and running.

Reference: Part I

3 thoughts on “Building my blog Part II: Selecting blog software

  1. I want to download your .RSS feed, but
    could’nt suceed. Clicking on "subscribe"
    sends me to Feedburner, which asks me about
    My Yahoo or whatever, which I do not use.
    or index.xml or any other usual .RSS feed name
    would’nt work.
    I am a Delphi developer and only use
    the tClientSocket. No need for this Yahoo
    business. So is there any URL of
    the .RSS feed I could use, or MUST I go
    thru the Yaohoo loops and hoops ?

  2. Hi Felix,
    The URL you mentioned above *is* my RSS feed it just includes a stylesheet which makes it look like an actual web page but if you select View|Source in your browser you’ll see that it’s just an XML file.
    I’ve also written the following post which details how to subscribe to my blog. I’ll update it with the above information in case others are confused by this.
    Thanks for letting me know.

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