Brown bag lunch with CodeGear's VP of Marketing

No, you didn’t read that wrong. CodeGear has a new VP of Marketing, Lisa Romano, in fact she’s been here a little over a month and last Thursday she held a brown bag lunch to talk to anyone interested in marketing and brand. The meeting wasn’t for her to talk but rather listen. There were about 15 engineers at the table representing QA and R&D from the Delphi/C++ and JBuilder teams.

There was some great discussion and I heard a number of good ideas not to mention I enjoyed hearing from the JBuilder guys their markent and customers. By the end, Lisa had taken several pages of notes and I think everyone walked away feeling like it was a very worthwhile meeting if not a bit shocked by the fact that we actually got to sit across the table from someone in marketing let alone a VP. There is no doubt in my mind, this was a good thing.

UPDATE: I got Lisa’s title wrong, it’s Chief Marketing Officer for CodeGear. My bad.

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  1. Steve, when will the codegear site at least mention the executive bios in the about US section? Can you ask please ?
    Can you understand our suffering convincing bigger corporates adopting any of your technologies ?

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