Bouce house fan, ziploc bag, sippy cup straw, packing tape and McDiaper saves the day!

McDiaper saves the day

“McDiaper” pool inflator (click to enlarge)

We recently bought an inflatable pool for the kids to enjoy this summer and in the interest of not leaving the house this Father’s Day I needed a plan to pump it up.

I wandered around the house looking for clever ideas then after a little bit of tinkering I came up with the idea pictured to the right. My wife called it a McGyver stunt which my three-year-old picked up on and ran around calling me “McDiaper”. What better father’s day could you ask for. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bouce house fan, ziploc bag, sippy cup straw, packing tape and McDiaper saves the day!

  1. Heh … engineers. It’s way more fun devising some method to accomplish tasks similar to this than it is to simply perform the actual function – regardless of the energy expended in either method.
    Wait … do I see multiple air fittings there … and only one "sippy cup straw". Feh, never mind a multiple output unit would have required -at least- duct tape 🙂


  2. Cool, sounds a like when my Intex pool got a 2 " rip. 1 mouse pad , a bolt, a fly nut and 2 plastic lids and suddenly 7000+gallons of water were saved!
    Seriously tho Steve, when your little ones get older, check out upgrading to an Intex pool!
    I highly recommend the 12′ version (but I don’t think I would have one with a 3 year old in the house – just too much to go wrong there!), they are a snap to setup, and if you pick up the pool vacume kit and the surface strainer, they can be really easy to maintain – we’re talking a 12′ wide, 2.5′ deep pool here, for under a few hundred dollars. No one voted it have it setup this year, but I might just toss it back up again this year anyways!
    And ya, you do need to buy a few filters and some chlorine pucks and a tester kit, but if you have kids, trust me, it can be waaaaay cheaper than going to the pool repeatedly over the summer.
    And if you work from home… well, 3pm can be a REALLY nice time to take a dip as everyone else is stuck at their desks <grin>

  3. Geeze, as I re-read that, I almost sound like an ad bot… ah well.. I really like my pool. I can even see it from space in Google maps… (no, I’m not posting a link…)

  4. C Johnson,
    Man you crack me up! Yeah I guess that really does sound like an ad but hey if you really like it why not!
    How ’bout emailing me the link? 🙂

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