Borland completes the sale of CodeGear

The shoe finally dropped. My former employer Borland finally completed the sale of their CodeGear division. The sale is for $23M to Embarcadero Technologies of San Francisco a database tools company. After 16 years looks like I’ll finally be removing BORL from my watch list. It’s pretty quiet on the CodeGear Blogs on the subject and I have yet to hear from anyone on the inside. I wish them great success going forward!

5 thoughts on “Borland completes the sale of CodeGear

  1. We can only hope that, after all the damage has been done, Embarcadero will commit to aggressive development support and marketing. Delphi is improving greatly, and it’s still my favorite development tool.
    Let’s be positive, unlike so many who weighed in early on the newsgroups.

  2. Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the comment. I don’t read the Borland/CodeGear newsgroups these days but I’m surprised to hear it’s negative given Borland’s steep decline over the past 10 months. I don’t claim to know anything about Embarcadero but I hope for the sake of my friends at CodeGear this is a good move in a positive direction.
    Like you, I wish them nothing but the best as they’ve been through a lot.

  3. Steve,
    What can I say? It’s been my privilege to see this syndrome before, with another company whose customers were very faithful, though not for as long. The company was raped and pillaged, repeatedly, and yet it survived.
    And in the very good news column, I just accepted a job with a very good company, and will be working in…. wait for it…. Delphi. They want to transition to C#, but I have discussed with the dept. head the gentler path of retargeting the Delphi to .NET, fixing the breakage, then working in C# for new modules. Along the way, and with the new deal, he may even decide it’s not imperative to switch. The difficulty of finding Delphi developers remains an issue, though.
    So again, I hope the new owners will support aggressive marketing, as well as development.

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