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Facebook Developer Toolkit v1.3 Starter Kit updated

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2008: A new release is available here.

I’ve updated my Facebook Starter Kit to version 1.3 of the Facebook Developer Toolkit published by Microsoft available on CodePlex. I also cleaned up the code and moved the Appkey and Secret so their read from web.config.

Btw, I’ve had a few questions in email about how to fetch a friend list which can be done as follows:

if (!IsPostBack)
<User> userinfo = _fbService.GetUserInfo(_fbService.UserId); Label1.Text = "Hi, " + userinfo[0].FirstName;
= userinfo[0].PictureUrl.ToString();

// Use the FacebookService Component to populate Friends System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<User> Friends =
for (int i = 0; i < Friends.Count; i++)

If you haven’t seen it I’ve also created a starter kit for Nikil Kothari‘s Facebook.NET framework so be sure to take a look a that as well.


VS.NET starter kit for Nikhil Kothari's Facebook.NET

Back in July Nikhil Kothari released Facebook.NET which is an ASP.NET wrapping of the Facebook API. Facebook.NET is a bit different approach than Facebook Developer’s Toolkit and provides some ASP.NET controls that wrap some of the more useful elements of the FB API. Nikhil and I exchanged a few emails back in July and he asked if I’d put this together but I’d just started a new job and was in the midst of remodeling my house and now things have settled down I decided to get it out

Use of this starter kit is very close to the previous one I released. The kit includes a Welcome.htm which is displayed in VS.NET when you create a new application that has all of the details of getting the two flavors of FB application (IFrame and FBML) up and running. One note, I tweaked the FB API version in FBML\Default.aspx since “0.3” is no longer supported.

Let me know if you have any problems. Download

[UPDATED: Jan 14, 2008] I updated the Starter Kit to v0.3 of Facebook.NET. Additionally, the starter kit has been updated to VS.NET 2008

[UPDATED: May, 6, 2008] Here are some additional links: