Monthly Archives: November 2011

Too many automated bill payments on the credit card

Our credit card company called yesterday and said a 3rd party database was compromised. They canceled our cards and reissued. I forgot and swiped my card at the grocery store doh! Then couldn’t download something from the AppStore and couldn’t stream a movie from Amazon and now I’m awaiting a slew of bill pay failures.

Ah the conveniences of the modern world! It’ll be nice when this is over.

Configuring virtualenv to run Google appengine samples

In my experiments with Google AppEngine I wanted to configure a virtualenv using python 2.5 for running Google’s samples. Using the existing python install for OSX I was running into a few errors such as:

ImportError: No module named django


ImportError: No module named cgi

A bit of Googling turned up this post which details all of the necessary steps. In step 2 the path I used for google_appengine was:


Leveraging the Facebook API on Google AppEngine with jQuery Mobile

In the past I’ve built starter kits for Facebook development in ASP.NET and building CruiseControl plugins. My latest interest has been experimenting with Google AppEngine as my day job is all python appserver stuff so it’s a pretty logical fit. I’m slowly putting together all of the pieces I’d like to have in website starter kit including support for jQuery Mobile and Facebook Graph API.

I have a simple proof-of-concept app working here. Btw, as this is a work-in-progress it YMMV and the app may or may not be in a working state so apologies in advance.

Technologies used:

Google AppEngine

Cheetah Templates

Facebook Graph API

jQuery Mobile

Casualty of a Google Panda Update?

I’m beginning to wonder if my blog has become a casualty of a Google Panda update. Looking at Analytics my traffic is down 40% over the last month yet I’ve only posted a handful of times. That’s a pretty dramatic drop when nothing else on the site has materially changed. As I search on Google for post that I’ve written which have driven traffic to this blog they’re nowhere to be found.
Screen shot 2011-11-12 at 11.05.00 AM
Then again, perhaps I’m just getting punished for my Leaving Andriod post. (but seriously, that post was on Oct 20th)
Update Jan 16, 2012: Down traffic continues to the point where my traffic is 1/3 of what it was a year ago.