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Santa Cruz County School Board Openings

Santa Cruz Sentinel ran this article from July 18, 2010 regarding school board opening in Santa Cruz County with the following:

Scotts Valley Unified School District:

The terms of Trustees Allison Niday and Jondi Gumz will expire; neither has yet filed documentation seeking a new term.

Also from the SV Press Banner Jondi Gumz School trustee will not run again.

Updated August 1, 2010: Article from the Scotts Valley Press Banner about new entries, Art Bubb and John Abel for School Board seats. Both individuals have created campaign style websites though as of this writing neither has provided any details on their positions, stance on the existing parcel tax proposals nor current involvement with the District. In the meetings I’ve attended this year I have yet to run into either individual though my wife has met John Abel.


2010 Music at Skypark

Music In The Park Skypark Scotts ValleyWho: Scotts Valley Kiwanis & Arts Commission
What: Music at Skypark
When: July 25 & August 29
Starts: Bands begin at 4pm
Benefits: Local Schools & Children

There will be BBQ, beer, wine and pizza! Come support our local schools and have fun doing it!

Scotts Valley Unified School District Salary Comparison

Here are some interesting numbers from the latest (2008-2009) School Accountability Report Card (SARC), notice on average Scotts Valley Unified School District (SVUSD) pays less in all categories. Also notice SVUSD spends a greater percent of its budget on salaries yet on average they’re still lower than other similar districts. The following information is directly quoted from the SARC Report:

Teacher and Administrative Salaries (Fiscal Year 2008-09) 

This table displays district salaries for teachers, principals, and superintendents, and compares these figures to the state averages for districts of the same type and size. The table also displays teacher and administrative salaries as a percent of a district’s budget, and compares these figures to the state averages for districts of the same type and size based on the salary schedule. Detailed information regarding salaries may be found on the CDE Certificated Salaries & Benefits Web page.

Category District Amount State Average for Districts in Same Category
Beginning Teacher Salary $37,179 $38,941
Mid-Range Teacher Salary $54,665 $59,686
Highest Teacher Salary $71,827 $77,828
Average Principal Salary (Elementary) $92,517 $94,258
Average Principal Salary (Middle) $95,255 $98,271
Average Principal Salary (High) $98,634 $104,869
Superintendent Salary $139,277 $142,247
Percent of Budget for Teacher Salaries 39.30% 38.20%
Percent of Budget for Administrative Salaries 5.90% 5.90%


FileSystemInfo.LastWriteTime and 12/31/1600

I’ve been working on an application tracking the age of files and if they reaches a certain threshold an error gets trigged.

FileInfo f = new FileInfo(new SystemPath(m.FolderName).Combine(m.FileName).ToString());
double totalminutes = DateTime.Now.Subtract(f.LastWriteTime).TotalMinutes;
if (totalminutes >= ErrorIntervalInMinutes)

I setup an error message to display information about the files when the error occurs and got something like this:

Error: File (d:\outbound\997_42772_06182010_1504_91.txt) File Time: 12/31/1600 4:00:00 PM Current Time: 6/18/2010 3:06:10 PM has failed to upload via FTP for 215356266.168919 minutes.

Whoa, over 400 years! That’s a lot of minutes not to mention 12/31/1600 looks a bit suspicious. A peek at the documentation for FileInfo.LastWriteTime reveals:

If the file described in the FileSystemInfo object does not exist, this property will return 12:00 midnight, January 1, 1601 A.D. (C.E.) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), adjusted to local time. 

Ah ha! The list of files being processed in this case is static and files are getting uploaded to an FTP server so clearly the file causing the error is no longer on disk thus the error. Adding an if(!f.Exists) continue; should do the trick.

Now, I didn’t investigate UTC once converted to local time resulting in 12/31/1600 vs. 1/1/1601 but I found my answer and after adding a simple check I was on my way.

Optimizing Wireless Router Performance using Android and Wifi Analyzer

imageWifi Analyzer on Android Wifi AnalyzerPrior to getting my Motorola Droid I hadn’t thought too much about which channel my wireless router was running. In fact, I never really put too much thought into router channels at all though not long after I got my Droid I stumbled into Wifi analyzer and realized my router overlapped at least three others located near by. Fortunately the airwaves aren’t so crowded (at least not yet) finding a free channel was relatively easy.

In case you can’t tell in the image to the right there are 13 wireless routers broadcasting their signal around our house. I wonder if those questioning the new SmartMeters to be installed here in Scotts Valley have checked their existing wireless predicament?

How does your neighborhood compare?