Monthly Archives: December 2009

Google’s Android web browser versus Safari on iPhone

I’ve been using the web browser on Android for a few weeks now and while I still really like the Droid there are a number of things the browser doesn’t do as well as the iPhone. I thought I’d start a list and as I find things I’ll add onto it.

  • The double tap zoom is missing and the –/+ buttons are inconvenient
  • Text doesn’t zoom when tilting the device to landscape
  • Does not allow for modifying/updating a previous search request
  • Pinch zoom is not enabled even though the droid does support multi-touch
  • In some cases setting focus to a textbox on the page fails to zoom the control so you end up typing using about a 4pt font, not very easy
  • The keyboard doesn’t appear automatically and requires you to tap the focused edit box (not true for my wife’s HTC Eris based on Android v1.5

Google voice it’s good for laughs too

Here’s the translated version of a message my wife just left me on $g(Google Voice):

Hey it’s Christy and I was just calling to let you know that I got your message about the crap that’s great you sent us on regular tax, so that charge me $0.20 read that email and sent undoable voice stuff and I’m trying to keep costs down, and I was just at the mall and if you agree and I found. It’s Hughes. I’m going to get policeman boot concert just falling apart. 7. Excuse me one for called me and I have some pro, Bryce wake up them, they didn’t have them for like, say, but I’ve got happened to close and she’s got a bootleg mommy anyway. So anyway, I just wanna let you know. And it and hey, you’re looking forward to tonight if we can’t on screen gonna hit the mother just trying to run who will class who can run home and and I didn’t happen and bye.

Motorola Droid replacing my iPod Touch

Motorola Droid home screen After several years fence sitting my wife and I rather impulsively replaced our existing cell phones with $g(Google Android) powered phones though I’ll admit this helped us along. She got the $g(HTC Eris) and I the $g(Motorola Droid). We’d had the same phones for a few years now and personally I’ve been carrying both a phone and my iPod Touch as an alternative to a smart phone. That combination worked well and I didn’t mind having two devices especially considering the subscription free iPod Touch gave me nearly all of the iPhone’s features sans AT&T nation’s worst cell phone service.

The Verizon rep we talked to was very helpful and upgraded both phones for free even though mine wasn’t eligible for an upgrade until April. In fact, we even kept our old Local Family Share 1000 plan which is no longer available and just $39.99/month (sans the data plan which we’ve now added) though no texting and no nation wide calling. The clincher really was the fact that the Eris was on sale if you bought a Droid so the price for both phones was pretty good.

The first thing we did on these phones was to enter our Gmail accounts and things just sort of start working such as contacts, calendars, email which is nice considering there isn’t any software or anything to sync with on a PC and everything is fed to the phone via the “cloud”.

I really like the phone it’s fast and does a bunch of things I’ve wanted on the iPod Touch for a long time and has lots of Google features which I like not to mention it supports Google Voice really well. I’ll post more about the things I like (and some that I don’t) when I get a chance.