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An “archive” of mine of which I can’t control

Recently, I ran into links leading me into the Delphi corner of the web which eventually ended up stumbling into what remains of my Borland blog from 2004. I’ll refrain from actually linking to it as I don’t want to make it somehow appear relevant even though Borland no longer exists. Prior to leaving Borland (CodeGear), and again after I left, I’d requested of those in control of the blogs to kindly remove the remaining posts which even at the time were 3 years old but clearly I had no such luck.

The real problem is the lack of control over Embarcadero’s, a company I never worked for, use of my name with “archive” attached as the title of this now defunct blog that I wrote years prior to its acquisition of Delphi. Now, it’s not like this bothers me on a frequent basis but occasionally when search my name like I did when Bing came on the scene I inevitably get that little reminder that it’s still there. Interestingly enough Bing doesn’t link there though on Google it’s the 7th link and on Yahoo it’s 3rd! That alone is reason enough for me to switch to Bing!  🙂

Admittedly, I never thought this many years ahead when I first started blogging but there are days, every now and then, I wish I had.

Updated April 11, 2010 Interesting to read that Sun has/had a policy where blogger’s have rights to their own works. I wish Borland had the same.

Is there a Delphi client for Twitter and Facebook updates?

image Is there a Delphi application like TweetDeck and/or Seesmic but using a tiny fraction of the system resources these bloated Adobe AIR clients use??

To the left is a screenshot from Process Explorer showing that TweetDeck takes 122MB of RAM to display updates from one twitter account and one Facebook account. That’s completely ridiculous.

On the other hand I did a fairly quick search for “Delphi twitter client” and didn’t turn up much but I can see the need for a native Windows app that does this using far fewer system resources than some Adobe AIR client.

What say you Delphi community? Please tell me there is an alternative!