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Interested in other Delphi SKU's?

Head on over to Mike Slinn’s
and comment on this
. Mike is definately making a Welcome splash in the Delphi community if you ask me.

You go Mike!

[Updated April 26, 2005] Looks like that post on Mike’s blog
has been removed and I’m not sure why.
[Updated April 29, 2005] There is more discussion by John and
Anders in the public non-tech newsgroup. They’re more in the loop on this sort
of thing than I am so head over there for more info.

HTML Source Preservation

“we spent about two to three developers for about two years working on that problem” -Scott Guthrie, Product Unit Manager on the Web Platform at Microsoft

Whoa, now that’s some significant development time! I did mention here that we had our work cut out for us. 🙂 The above quote is from this video where Scott is discussing features of the (long delayed) release of VS.NET 2005 which is now slated for sometime late this year.

Like Microsoft we also feel this is a significant problem which we will be working on in our next release of Delphi. Stay tuned!

Asking for support

If in the past you’ve clicked the contact link that appeared at the top left
hand corner of my Borland
webblog page and written regarding a support question I have to say that I won’t
be responding because I just don’t have the time to offer personalized email
support to everyone. Michael Slinn recently blogged a a similar
regarding email based support. Basically, neither one of us is in a
position to provide support via email, it’s simply not our job. So, while I have
read all of the email sent via the contact link I haven’t responded because it’s
just not what I’m supposed to be working on. At this point, I’ve removed the
link from my blog so hopefully that will help.

[Updated: 4/19/05] Looks like we need a bug fix for the blog
system so I can actually turn the contact link off.
[Updated: 4/20/05] Thanks to CSS I’ve been able to remove the
link without needing the aforementioned bug fix. Thanks Craig!
[Updated: 2/12/2007] The information in this post applies to my old blog at

Is anyone using HTML Tidy as their default formatter in Delphi?

As I’m working on features for our next release I’ve been wondering if people
are using HTML Tidy as their default formatter for
HTML in the Delphi IDE?
I’ve discussed issues regarding HTML Tidy and ASP.NET here before and at this point since HTML
Tidy simply doesn’t support ASP.NET I’m thinking it’s time to remove the option
to use HTML Tidy as the default HTML formatter from the IDE. We can still
provide the option to format using Edit|HTML Tidy|Format document so we won’t
completely remove HTML Tidy support.

Satellite view of my office

I was playing with Google maps, browsing around Scotts Valley and thought I
would post a link
to a satellite photo of the Enterprise Technology Center
where Borland‘s Scotts Valley office
is located. The building looks a bit like a horseshoe and has modules lettered
counter clockwise A-G starting from the top of this image. My office is on the
third floor of the “F” mod (second rectangle in starting from the bottom)
overlooking the swimming pool and the tree covered hillside. I tend to think
it’s one of the better office views in all of Silicon Valley but hey that’s just
me. Where do you work?

Experimenting with the "living readme"

I previously mentioned the idea of a “living readme” here and
have since been in a blog comment dialog wondering if it would be helpful for us
to talk about, blog or otherwise recognize bugs in the product even if we didn’t
have a fix. Well, Chris Hesik
has gone one step further and essentially done just that with a post
about a debugger bug
in Delphi 2005. I can’t wait to see
the response to Chris’ post. I’d love to know what you think of this, let me