Blog outage caused by hosting provider DOS attack

I just learned via email from my provider, that they’ve suffered a major DOS attack accounting for the reason I couldn’t reach my domain nor log into my hosting account. It appears as though they’ve at mitigated the attack as I’m able to post and login once again.

I’ve mentioned it before but I really like Their service is very good and I got a reply from support via email after I inquired within a very reasonable period of time considering the cirrcumstances regarding the situation.

1 thought on “Blog outage caused by hosting provider DOS attack

  1. Full Disclosure: I do work for DiscountASP.NET. We were under a massive DDOS attack off and on for 2 days. We did post in our community forum ( about what happened. To mitigate the attack, we did use an enteprise-class DDOS mitigation service, Prolexic, who is also used by many fortune 500 companies, major ISPs, news sites, and even by other countries. Now our hosting platform is strengthened even more.

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