Batch converting NEF RAW image files, QImage Pro and Delphi

One thing that is definately neat about working on an application development
tool is to stumble into a cool application written using Delphi. Recently, I bought a Nikon D70
which produces NEF files (Nikon’s proprietary RAW file format) and thus I wanted
a tool to batch convert NEF files to JPG files for use on the web among other
places. I started with a typical Google search and quickly found out about an
application called QImage Pro which seemed to come up time and again in various
conversations regarding NEF to JPG conversion. After reading a few reviews on
this tool I visited Digital Domain
the maker of QImage Pro and downloaded their demo. The first clue that
the app was developed using Borland tools were the BWCC style OK buttons
with the green checkmarks on them. A quick peek at the EXE and I found several
references to Delphi 4.0 which put a big grin on my face.

Of course, the next thing of thought of were ways to make the application
better like improving the flicker when the main window is resized, updating the
appearance of the dialog menus and toolbars (the application it looks very
“Win3.1-ish”), adding path completion to the directory combobox among others.
Since I’ve just started playing with QImage I haven’t yet paid for a
registration key but just knowing the application is written in Delphi puts me
that much closer.

[Updated: May 29, 2005] Unfortunately, when I tried
to view a D70 NEF file QImage didn’t support it and Googling around I found this
which is rather disappointing back to the drawing board…