Bandwidth speed consistently faster in IE than Firefox is a USB drive to blame?

linksys wrt150n

I recently purchased a LinkSys Wireless-N router ($99 on sale at Radio Shack) so I can roam around the house with my laptop. As a result I decided to do some bandwidth testing using‘s speed test as there is a server in Palo Alto, ~26 miles from my home, and it seemed like the results I was getting from Firefox were a bit slow. I started up IE to do some comparisons and found a not insignificant difference. As you can see on the graphic ComCast is my ISP which is easily three to four times as fast as what I was getting with my old DSL connection.

Results Using Internet Explorer 7.0.6000.16473

Results Using Mozilla Firefox

These results have been fairly consistent across a number of tests. I’m wondering if there is perhaps a performance penalty for running Firefox from a USB drive? All of these tests were conducted on my laptop.

I’ll have test again at the office (also wireless) tomorrow and see how things compare. Of course, I’ll probably install Firefox for a true apples-to-apples comparison.

4 thoughts on “Bandwidth speed consistently faster in IE than Firefox is a USB drive to blame?

  1. I find the same sort of discrepancy between FF and IE. However, I used the Ft. Worth server on Comcast, and got 8,152Kb/s d/l and 1459 Kb/s u/l, with a 29mS latency. Nice.

  2. In delphi that would be the difference between {$R-} and {$R+} ?
    Takes a bit of overhead to check intermediate buffers?
    But I can confirm it here, although it seems also CPU related. (slow server, fast desktop, fast laptop)

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