ASP.NET Facebook Starter Kit for VS.NET 2008 updated to v0.8

I’ve updated my ASP.NET Facebook Starter Kit with the following improvements/changes:

  • Added support for dynamically resizable iframe which avoids a scrollbar though may have some side effects/caveats. Code is based on JavaScript sample from Facebook.
  • Added an example of XFBML which requires xd_receiver.htm (included) allowing for a Cross Domain Communication Channel
  • Added example of using FQL, refer to FQL.aspx
  • Updated Facebook Dev Toolkit assemblies
  • Added Facebook stylesheet from Bill Konrad

The download is here and full directions for installation and use are here. To see this application running on Facebook click here. As always, please direct questions on the Facebook API to the Developer’s Forum, or on the Facebook Developer’s Toolkit to the discussion list.

[Updated: Jan 15, 2010] This post is now outdated so please look for my updated versions. The latest is always available on my wiki.

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