ASP.NET Deployment and Diamondback (Delphi 2005)

When it comes to web applications deployment is an important part of the application development cycle.  Typically, developers will work on a local version of a web application and once they have the application working/fixed they’ll deploy it to a production server.  Well, in Diamondback (the next release of Delphi) that part of the application development process is going to be a whole lot easier.  We’ve developed a web deployment feature that gives the developer a means of quickly and easily deploying ASP.NET applications.  There are two built-in transports, FTP and file copy, which allow the developer to easily move an application from their development machine to either a production machine or even another location on their development machine. 

Additionally, as application development proceeds the Deployment Manager displays a list of the files that need to be redeployed as a result of changes made by the developer.  Since deployment targets are simply added to an ASP.NET project it’s also easy to deploy a single application to multiple targets.  The Deployment Manager comes preconfigured to for ASP.NET applications making it easy to create a new deployment that will typically include all of the necessary files for your project without any additional intervention although the Deployment Manager is highly flexible and allows for addtional files to be added by the developer as necessary.  The Deployment Manager is a great example of a product area where customers gave us feedback indicating that this was a crucial area of ASP.NET application development where they needed a solution which we took seriously and Diamondback will deliver a solution.