Asking for support

If in the past you’ve clicked the contact link that appeared at the top left
hand corner of my Borland
webblog page and written regarding a support question I have to say that I won’t
be responding because I just don’t have the time to offer personalized email
support to everyone. Michael Slinn recently blogged a a similar
regarding email based support. Basically, neither one of us is in a
position to provide support via email, it’s simply not our job. So, while I have
read all of the email sent via the contact link I haven’t responded because it’s
just not what I’m supposed to be working on. At this point, I’ve removed the
link from my blog so hopefully that will help.

[Updated: 4/19/05] Looks like we need a bug fix for the blog
system so I can actually turn the contact link off.
[Updated: 4/20/05] Thanks to CSS I’ve been able to remove the
link without needing the aforementioned bug fix. Thanks Craig!
[Updated: 2/12/2007] The information in this post applies to my old blog at