Apple's Remote iPhone application rocks!


With the introduction of v2.0 of the iPhone/iPod Touch software Apple introduced an application called Remote giving you the ability to remotely (surprise) control iTunes on your computer and yes, it’s two way. Personally, I’ve been wanting this sort of functionality for a long time as I’ve had my computer connected to my receiver so I can listen to my $g(Yahoo LaunchCAST) station. The downside is the lack of control as my computer is upstairs in my office and my receiver is downstairs in my family room. With Apple’s Remote application can control what’s playing from anywhere in the house, very nice!

I think Remote is a great example of how the iPhone is going to showcase new ways for people to interact with their PC’s remotely. I can already imagine a dozen other situations where I’d like to be able to remotely control other applications on my machine.

Now, where’s Remote Desktop?  🙂