Amending the Delphi 2007 readme

A few years ago I mentioned the notion of a living readme which got me thinking about how to best handle issues raised by people commenting on my previous post. I’ve now created such a readme on my wiki and have started amending it with these new items which I’ve marked with a solid vertical blue line in the left hand margin. That wiki page has it’s own RSS feed so you shouldn’t have to actively watch it for new entries. Additionally, as an experiment, I’ve opened the Discuss pages on my wiki so people can comment directly on the wiki. Of course, if that decision turns into a spam nightmare I’ll turn it off but it’s on for now. Please let me know of any abuse.

[UPDATE: April 17, 2007] Fix the link to the actual readme.

3 thoughts on “Amending the Delphi 2007 readme

  1. Nice, well laid out, well laid out. I get the feeling I inspired a point on that revision <grin> In a lot of ways, I wish it had been a breaking revision. Admittedly, thanks to component vendors like ZipTV, that would ALSO have been huge hassle, but probably less hassles for everyone in the long run.
    It will be interesting to see how it evolves. Are you going to make all differences from the original, or progressive changes over time? Just wondering what a new viewer might see 5 revisions down the road.
    (Dang time sensitive captcha, gotta ALWAYS save twice… I think I’m gonna stop even entering the captcha the first time. Probably not very bandwidth friendly for you tho Steve…)

  2. I think I found a typo on there. In one of the blue bar sections you reference "Nick Nodges". Unless that’s a nickname of his that’s been kept a secret until now. 😉

  3. C Johnson,
    Indeed you did inspire. 🙂 I’ll need to see how the changes progress before I decide to make the annotation more complicated. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the CAPTCHA timeout issue yet but I’ve been digging around the dasBlog source code and I’ll will get there eventually.
    Thanks for the heads up, fixed!

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