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I rarely see blogger’s, at least the one’s I read, talk about their Adsense revenue so I thought I’d throw this out there and see where it goes.

I’ve been blogging on my own domain since October of 2006 and one of the things I’ve experimented with is Google’s Adsense. I say experimented because the $1.80 in average daily earnings isn’t going to change my lifestyle anytime soon and I consider it a good day when it covers the cost of a mocha. When I think about it, Adsense is pure genius. Full stop.

Google didn’t do anything other than offer a tiny (and unknown) fraction of money it earns from these ad placements. Starting last May, through a new feature in Google Analytics, I started to gain some insight as to specifically which pages generate the most revenue and I can tell you it’s not what I typically what I blog about, at all.

In fact, if I wrote based on “Adsense appeal” I’d hardly ever write about programming or development. Looking at my “top” Adsense pages they are unrelated, detours I’ve taken along the way that have garnered Google Juice for some reason or other. I now believe Google could write a tool that would predict Adsense revenue for blogs posts in real time as they’re being written. Perhaps they could even auction posts while they’re being written and with the right feedback guide writer’s to higher revenue by suggesting links and images. I’m sure all this is possible yet seemingly corrupt or something close to it.

I wonder what the saturation rate of Adsense is throughout the web? I’d think Google must have an idea and therefore must know when they’re going to “hit a wall” in terms of being able to grow their Adsense revenue. On a different note, I’d love to know what, if any impact Twitter has had on Adsense revenue since many of the bloggers I used to follow have more or less given up on blogging and now write 140 characters or less which simply doesn’t interest me.

Note: Table of stats removed upon re-read of Google policy.

Based on data from Analytics I made a few changes back in November that seem to have boosted my ad revenue over the past three months and in November, I made my highest monthly total ever.

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  1. My stats for the last six months are
    $6,708.90 AdSense Revenue
    $10.75 AdSense Revenue / 1000 Visits
    20,186 AdSense Ads Clicked
    0.03 AdSense Ads Clicked / Visit
    2.91% AdSense CTR
    $9.68 AdSense eCPM
    3,177,567 AdSense Unit Impressions
    5.09 AdSense Unit Impressions / Visit
    693,396 AdSense Page Impressions
    1.11 AdSense Page Impressions / Visit

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