Adding the Delphi Search Engine to your browsers search bar

In an effort to make the Delphi Developer Search Engine I blogged about the other day easier to use I’ve added $g(OpenSearch) support so you can add it to your browsers search bar (for FireFox and IE7). All you need to do is browse to the search engine page and click the “Add DelphiSearch to your Search Bar” link from the left hand column. Once added you no longer have to visit the search page to search using this custom search engine.

Additionally, here is information on how you can use this search engine on your own blog or web page.

9 thoughts on “Adding the Delphi Search Engine to your browsers search bar

  1. I can’t get it to work either. Nothing happens when I pressed the link.

  2. Roland: when you click the link, you’re taken to the search page. While there, the search bar has a new option below the available search engines (click the down arrow to the left). But, for now, clicking the option ‘Add "DelphiSearch"’ does not work as that link is broken.

  3. Fernando & Roland,
    If nothing happens I’d guess you’re using IE6 in which case nothing will happen as OpenSearch requires IE7 or FF. Check the hint for the link "Add DelphiSearch to your Search Bar" link on the search page, also note that right after that link it says "(requires IE7)". I’ve tried it both IE7 and FF and it’s working in both for me.

  4. Hi Steve,
    I need some guidance from you if hope you can help me out.
    I need to use theming in my application, i’ve managed to apply windows theme in my delphi application now problem is i want to apply my own theme/msstyles(visual styles) not the windows one, in my delphi application, can you pleaseeeeeeeee guide me how can i do that i’m using 2006 i’ve tried lots of 3rd party components as well but thats not solving my issues as i’ve loads of custom delphi controls in my app.
    all i want to know how can i apply some .msstyles or .theme file other than windows current theme /msstyles file, in my delphi application.
    I’ll be really thankful to you ..

  5. sheikh,
    My best advice is here:
    Finding Answers To Your Delphi Questions
    If you have "loads of custom controls" then I’d suspect you’re going to need a bunch of custom code to handle the rendering you’re looking for. The VCL implements lots of custom code to render the standard Windows themes so you’ll have similar work to do. Basically, I don’t think there is one simple answer to what you’re looking for.

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