Adding Delphi to Dasblog's syntax highlighting support

Dasblog has support for source code syntax highlighting although Delphi support is not included by default (something I’m working on getting corrected). I’ve added support for Delphi source code so add this to Dasblog you need to do the following:

  1. Download this XML file.
  2. Copy it to your dasblogce/ftb directory
  3. Open dasblogce/blog/ftb/ftb.insertcode.aspx in notepad and locate the asp:dropdownlist with the ID of “languagedropdown” and add: <asp:listitem value=”Delphi”>Delphi</asp:listitem>

That’s it. When you write a new blog entry just click the Insert Code button on the toolbar and you’ll see Delphi in the dropdown list.