Adding Delphi developer blogs to the Welcome page

I totally forgot about this until now!  The Delphi 2005 Welcome page has a combobox
that contains a list of various blogs which you can point to.  During the
development of the product I had added numerous team member personal blogs to
the list which were removed just prior to RTM (for various reasons).  The blogs
were actually just commented out and not removed altogether.  Here is how you
can get those blogs added back to the list:

  1. From Windows Explorer locate the Welcome page folder under your Delphi 2005
    installaction folder.
  2. Select the Welcome page folder and then select the sub-folder called “xml“
  3. Open the file called defaultProviders.xml using the IDE (thus getting syntax
    highlighting) scroll down to the bottom of the file and you’ll notice a number
    of items in the Borland Blogs
    section that are commented out.  Simply remove the commenting then
    reload/refresh your Delphi Welcome page and the new items will appear in the
    feed combobox.