Add or Remove Programs icon missing from the Windows Vista Control Panel?

In the control panel on Windows XP there was the trusty old “Add Remove Programs” icon where it was pretty darn obvious what that was going to do. Well, I’ve finally run into the need to uninstall a program from Windows Vista Ultimate. Now, I have the Control Panel set to “Display as menu” on the Start Menu but I don’t see “Add Remove Programs”. No problem, I right click and select “Open” to fire up Control Panel and there is no “Add Remove Programs” icon. Huh?

I click back to the Start menu and type “remove”, then “add programs”, then “uninstall” and nothing. Hmm, back to rooting around Control Panel. Now, admittedly I’d switched Control Panel to “Classic View” because as I was having a hard time finding things (!) So decided to click back to “Control Panel Home” which switches me back to the default Control Panel layout and I see this icon:

Ah ha! Ok, cool but where is that in “Classis View”? It appears with the same icon but titled “Programs and Features” with a hint of “Uninstall or change programs on your computer”. Not super intuitive but, ok.

Btw, here is a follow-up post that I wrote about all this which as some great comments…

14 thoughts on “Add or Remove Programs icon missing from the Windows Vista Control Panel?

  1. Yes, this change was a HUGE pain to adjust to, but once done is done.
    You also get a toolbar button in the explorer view of (prevoiusly MY) COMPUTER to "Uninstall or change a program" that gets you where you need to go.
    I gotta say, this is one area where dropping the "my" prefix makes communication harder. Saying "COMPUTER" instead of "MY COMPUTER" in ANY context you previously used it makes you sound more suited to be a food court mop jockey than someone working with high technology for a living.

  2. C Johnson,
    Agreed, this change isn’t a huge pain but once again it’s going to be a parental support call when my folks switch to Vista (whenever that occurs). Btw, loved the "food court" comment. <G>

  3. People are used to saying things like "Ok, go to MY COMPUTER and…", and while it isn’t really correct, it is colloqueal. You start saying "Ok, go to COMPUTER" and people will either assume you’re "special", or claim they are already at the computer.
    Admittedly, you can communicate more clearly if you go that extra mile, but most tech support phone jockies won’t, and anything that increases the chances of turning a tech suppoort call into a bad imitation of an Abbot and Costello act has got to be bad for everyone.
    And yes, thanks to MS continuing to change the language, it does make supporting the relatives that much harder… Personally, I avoid those calls where ever possible now! ("Ok, bring it to me, and I’ll get to it as soon as a I can." – work related queues are hours/days, relative work queues can easily reach into geological time frames… Almost no one asks me to fix their computers any more, at least not for free…)

  4. Steve: please can you get your RSS feed sorted out. Each of your posts gets flagged as "unread" every other day. This is about the 10th time this article has been flagged so.
    You’ve some good things to say, but we don’t need to read the same stories over and again!

  5. Daivd,
    What reader are you using? I subscribe to my own feed (as anyone who publishes should) and I’m not seeing that problem. I’m aware that FeedDemon in the past has had the problem you describe but that’s was a FeedDemon issue not a problem with my feed.

  6. David,
    Is it only this one item? Regardless, I’ve revived my bloglines account and I’ll watch it over the next week or so. Thanks for letting me know and sorry about all the dups. FWIW, I haven’t seen any problems in Google Reader.

  7. No, it’s lots of your items.
    Sadly, I prefer Bloglines to Google Reader, largely because of it lets me mark items as unread so that I can read them at my leisure. Perhaps Google Reader can do this too, but it wasn’t obvious to me.
    Thanks for taking my comments seriously.

  8. David,
    Marking an item in Google Reader is as simple as pressing "M" for mark. If you type "?" you get a nice help screen of all the shortcuts available in Reader.

  9. David,
    So I see this morning that bloglines has marked this item as updated but yet I didn’t change the actual post. I don’t know how bloglines "updated" mechanism works but perhaps they’re keying off comment changes. I’ve added a comment to the post that followed this post here:
    And I’ll be watching to see if bloglines marks this item as updated.

  10. David,
    I’ve been watching bloglines over the last few days and I have no idea what’s up there. I’m investigating this through FeedBurner who hosts my blog feed. I think I know what the problem is and I’ll continue to watch it over the next several days.

  11. Hi Steve,
    I just got 19 of your posts marked as New!
    Who’d have thought blogging could be so hard in 2007!

  12. Doh!
    It *has* to be a problem on the FeedBurner side and I’ve made some changes there that will hopefully fix the problem. Sorry about the hassle and thanks for letting me know.

  13. I am installing an application which does not put any registry entry nor any entry in the Add and Remove programs.Could you please suggest me how to to proceed to put an entry in the Add and Remove and also registry enry.

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