A Windows Tray problem that drives me nuts

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Windows tray bug
(overlapping menus)

One bug in Windows that’s been there entirely too long is right clicking icons in the Windows tray (pictured) where the popup menus overlap. The tray poses it’s own unique set of challenges with various tricks you can employ but this overlapping problem is really annoying.

Of course, Raymond Chen has blogged a number of times about tray related things so be sure to check them out if you’re application uses the tray though I’m not sure there is a cure for this particular problem. Anyone?

8 thoughts on “A Windows Tray problem that drives me nuts

  1. I remeber a tip: Just set the window that owns tray-icon popup menu to foreground even if it’s hidden and the problem should go away.
    That tip actually worked fine in my application).

  2. It usually get around this by left clicking on the tray icon (making it to get the focus) and then right click on it… 90% of the times it works.

  3. Hi Lluis,
    Yeah, there’s a work-around but it’s been there for years and years and for some reason apparently it’s not something Microsoft can address in the shell itself. I’m not sure I’ve seen it in Vista yet but I’ll be looking for it.

  4. In vista in rare ocasions it happens also but not so much as in XP…. What really annoys me in Vista is that the file explorer does not remembers the folder views as in XP. I get always star ratings and movie length at the first folder level of all folders. I tryed it all, (of course I have set the setting of "remember folder view") setting the folder type, tweaking with the registry etc… no success…

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