A Delphi specific search engine

I’ve been putting together a custom Delphi specific search engine using Google and I’m finally ready to blog about it. The URL is:

That page contains a search box that will search (currently) 45 different Delphi related websites I’ve personally selected. For example, here is a search for TListView. Here is another search for MagicAjax.NET that avoids the search problems I mentioned with CodeCentral, notice the CodeCentral link is second in the list though it’s the author link not the article link but still much better than before.

Give it a shot and let me know how well it works for you. I may also be looking for contributors so let me know if that’s something that interests you as well.

[Update May 2, 2007] Fix TListview search link

10 thoughts on “A Delphi specific search engine

  1. Two more notes:
    1) Disregard my previous comment of the search plugin! I hadn’t tested it, just followed the instructions on mozilla’s site about creating one, and it turns out that making it work is going to require much more work than I willing to put into it right now…
    2) Clicking on your stevetrefethen.com logo in the Delphi search page attemps to go to "", which is wrong. The proper place would be the blog.

  2. The search results page can be created without advertisments -see Google Custom Search.
    Agree, nice idea but nicer without the revenue stream on the Google Search. Thanks.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve fixed the link in the blog and will work to tweak the page so it has fewer ads. I used my blog template which, I agree, is a bit overkill on the ads. I’ll need to rework the layout a bit to tone things down. The ads for the search results can’t be turned off because that’s strictly "for non-profits, universities, and government agencies only".

  4. Since you fixed the broken link to go to the same site, it wouldn’t hurt to add a link to your blog on the left! Or, make the click on the main logo do that instead: it’s pointless returning to the same page and not having a link to your blog there! 🙂

  5. Looks great! I like coder-based search engines (like Google’s code search) and I think this will turn out to be very useful. Great idea!
    There is a rendering problem on Firefox 2 on Windows: the bottom of the tenth result is chopped off (at the bottom of the page). Presumably below that there’s a ‘Next 10’ kind of link, but if so it’s completely off the bottom of the page. This was just following your TListView link above. (Note: I tried it a second time and I think it still wasn’t right, but it ended at a different spot. Maybe some ajaxy page layout stuff to work out?)

  6. Hi David,
    Thanks! Regarding the footer problem I’m not doing anything special though I’ve noticed odd rendering as well. I’ll do a little poking when I get a chance to see if I can figure out what’s going on.

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