A 2010 MacBook Pro's Improvements

I continue to be thoroughly impressed with this new MacBook and had to write a post on it. The new MacBook Pro (MBP) I’m using, purchased Oct 2010 (Model: MacBookPro6,1) is, IMO, dramatically improved over the previous MBP (purchased July 2007) I used at Falafel.

  • Battery last far longer
  • Keyboard is much nicer and I like having space between the keys
  • Unibody design is a huge improvement and the sharp edge seems less of an issue
  • Clamshell enclosure is much nicer with the rubber seal around the screen
  • Lack of heat while using the battery can’t be overstated compared to the old model
  • One button mouse is awesome and works exactly as my fingers automatically expected it would

Btw, I’m really enjoying working on a Mac. I was somewhat concerned at first but having traveled a fair amount while at Falafel I used the built-in Mac keyboard a lot so the adjustment hasn’t been anywhere near as I’d anticipated since many of the shortcuts are/were the same on Windows. I find I’m wanting Windows Explorer occasionally as Finder seems a bit sparse particularly when it comes to context menu choices though I can live with that.