3D modeling using Google SketchUp

Last summer my wife and I purchased several new appliances two of which included a range and an over the range microwave. The latter presented a bit of a problem such that when we added the height of the microwave to the cabinet it didn’t leave much room for pots on the back burners below. Fortunately, one of my wife’s uncle’s builds cabinets so I removed the cabinet above the range and had him shrink it about an inch and a half (3.8cm).

sketch upNow, being a geek I couldn’t just sit down and draw out a diagram when I have a perfectly good computer right here in front of me? I happened to recall reading about Google SketchUp on The Daily Grind so I downloaded it and proceeded to model my kitchen in 3D. I was pretty impressed at how easy it was and the model came out better than I had expected. I’ve never used modeling software like this so it was a kick to play with.

So, if your even slightly interested in 3D modeling I think you’ll find Google SketchUp well worth the download. Of course, the price is right too.