2007 Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna?

We’re expecting our third child this coming October and we’re in the market for a mini-van. We’d love to find a used 2007 Odyssey or Sienna though I have a feeling that’s going to be difficult to pull off. Having tested both I can’t really say that there is a clear winner though I sort of prefer the Odyssey becasue I like the fact that it’s slightly larger.

One bummer is that memory seats on the Odyssey are only available on the Touring Edition, I need to verify the salesman’s word on that and also check the Sienna. My wife and I vary in height by slightly more than a foot (30cm) and thus it would be a nice feature.

Got any advice?

[UPDATE: Jan 11, 2008] Late update but, we got the Odyssey.

4 thoughts on “2007 Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna?

  1. I would go with the Honda. They are very good vehicles and Honda has really good customer service and Honda really does side with the customer when there is a dispute with the dealer if the customer is right.

  2. Another vote for the Honda. We have a 2001 Odyssey and would definitely get another. How’s the new Giant working out? I’m looking at the same make & model.

  3. Thaddy,
    My wife and I got a kick our of that photo!
    Thanks for the insight on the Honda/customer relations, I didn’t know that.
    The new bike is great! I really love the riding position and the gear shifting is very smooth. I say go for it!

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