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A few weeks ago I had a wide ranging and varied conversation with Mark Dahlby, a principle of writers.com, and Jeff Meyer an old friend from my Borland Tech Support days, where we discussed writing, music and Tuvan throat singing among numerous other topics. During the conversation I mentioned one of the main reason’s I blog is the habit of regular writing outside the context status updates, instant messages and email none of which I view as “writing”. We discussed the immediacy of content on the web and that much of our communication is breaking down to twitteresque snippets and how our consumption of content isn’t much deeper as skimming now rules the day. In fact, I’ve trimmed my blog reading dramatically and I’m no longer keeping up with the river of posts as evidenced by my Google Reader Trends which isn’t a bad thing.

Google Trends

Back to Basics

At the beginning of the year, not that I’m a subscriber to resolutions, I decided I’d gotten too far away from reading books and started a ten-page-a-day commitment. Each day I work to set aside time for at least ten pages from whatever book I’m reading and so far it’s working. In fact, I’ve been working on a reading list post but I’ve been too darn busy and have slowed down on blogging. Ah, the trade offs!

Do you have any reading goals or find this to be a problem too?

4 thoughts on “10 pages a day

  1. Yes. (But they are seldom achieved.)
    10 pages a day seems like a very attainable goal. I like it.

  2. I’ve found myself doing the same thing. I used to read everything that I subscribed to with Google Reader. Now I just pick and choose based on the topic. I should prune down the subscription list, but I suffer from FOMS and I never delete enough stuff.
    I’ve also trimmed down who I follow on Twitter. It became more of a distraction than a useful tool. I still think that the phrase "Twitter is a heat sink for the unexpressed ego" is dead on accurate.
    We are struggling to get our 8 year old to read more, so now we set aside the time from 7:30 to 8:00 every night for reading. Having a consistent schedule has helped. We sit on the couch and she reads her stuff and I read my stuff.

  3. Steve —
    I’m almost always reading three books at once — one for each of my kids. Mine are old enough now that I can read them "real" books. 😉
    For instance, in the last year or so I’ve read "Pride and Prejudice" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" to my 13 year old daughter. Currently we are working through "Gone with the Wind".
    My ten year old has gotten "Holes", "The Count of Monte Cristo", "Eragon", and "The Princess Bride".
    My six year old has gotten "A Cricket in Times Square", and a long list of the Henry Huggins books (which are just as delightful as you remember…..)
    So, that’s how I get my reading fix. 😉

  4. To Nick: That is great! I am glad Nick you are doing that and not sharing your favorite reading with the kids as I don’t believe "PlayBoy Magazine" is good for them at this age. 🙂

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