Wanderful’s Find&Save iOS Applications

My team at Wanderful Media has built two iOS applications for our Find&Save Discovery Shopping experience. Our iPad app is being featured in the AppStore and our iPhone just became available for dowload:

Find&Save iPad application         Find&Save iPhone App

If you don’t want to mess with an app install or are on an Android phone check out our latest Find&Save geo-local Mobile Web implementation.

Now that I have my blog moved I’m looking to post more about how we’re building a discovery shopping experience for over 400 of the nations newspapers which looks a little something like this:

Find&Save market coverage map

WordPress on Google AppEngine and Migrating from BlogEngine.NET

In 2004 I started blogging on my own domain using discountasp.net as they offered a competitive hosting package based on Microsoft technology. Fast forward nearly a decade and I haven’t used Microsoft technology for nearly 5 years and maintaining my Blogengine.NET blog had become an increasing challenge. Upgrades were very difficult and I found myself stuck on a tweaked version that couldn’t have easily be upgraded. Recently, Google added support for PHP on Google Appengine and posted steps to get WordPress running so I applied for and got early access and I’ve been slowing migrating all of my content.
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WordPress running on Google AppEngine

After several months of slowly migrating all of my blog content and testing Google’s WordPress support on AppEngine I’ve finally pulled the trigger on moving my blog from BlogEngine.NET hosted on discountASP.NET to AppEngine.


As time permits I’ll post details here regarding caveats I ran into (some of which I’m still wrangling). At any rate, I’m glad to be off of .NET and have learned a lot about some new parts of Google’s Cloud Infrastructure.

CTO4Hire John Waters New Company

A friend and former collegue, John Waters has recently started a new venture I thought would be of interest to people who read my blog considering he’s one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I met John while at Falafel Software and his new company is CTO4Hire. John’s extremely knowledgable and has experience working on a wide range of technologies across a broad spectrum of businesses. I believe his skills and business acument make him uniquely qualified to offer the type of services provided by CTO4Hire (from his website):

CTO4Hire provides C-level business executives with on demand access to a highly qualified and experienced CTO, assisting you and your team on a per project basis, or on a retainer, with projects ranging from systems integration, evaluation of technology, vendors or employee assessments, software architecture and systems design, due diligence of planned ventures, and leadership of teams in startups or established enterprises.

You can contact John here. Having recently started a CTO position myself I’m particularly interested in following CTO4Hire.