Please make iOS lock screen camera access optional via Settings

My request to Apple on the camera icon on the iOS Lock Screen:

The camera icon on the iOS lock screen is to a child like a Fart Gun from Despicable Me 2 which is to say they can’t stop using it.

Please, make it an option.

If you have young children you can likely relate, if not you should really see the movie it’s quite funny.

But seriously. Can we get an option here?

I’d prefer not to repeatedly have dozens of blurry, pictures of the carpet, couch, floor, ceiling, siblings, goofy faces, all variety of inanimate objects and alas things which shall remain nameless streaming to all my other iDevices let alone getting shared on the big screen via Apple TV.

Seriously, an option. Please.

WordPress Plugins on Google AppEngine Install

Here is a list of WordPress plugins I’ve found useful:

Google SERP Ignoring Ad to Content Ratio “Guidelines”

While doing some SEO research this morning I ran the Google search pictured below…

Having spent considerable time building sites/businesses that rely on Adsense as part of their revenue stream I can think of a number of Google algorithmic penalties this ad/content ratio seems to violate.

Can you?
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Cost of WordPress blog running on Google AppEngine

Having recently migrated all of my blog/site content to Google AppEngine away from my prior $10/month hosting I was curious about what the monthly cost of running the site would be. My blog went live on AppEngine on Nov 13th and with the default instance settings was running ~$2.00/day at roughly 50-55 instance hours the vast majority of which is servicing requests from crawlers.

Tuning Google AppEngine, For Cost

Idle Instances

As mentioned above I started with the default settings and the first significant change was to set Idle Instance Max to 1 as running multiple instances chews through the free 28 hours at an xN multiplier rate. This change alone had a significant impact on reducing overall instance hours though clearly impacts the performance of my blog. I’ve tested the performance and for a blog I feel it’s suitable so I’m comfortable leaving things at this level for awhile.
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Shopping on the iPad with Find&Save’s latest update

Wanderful has just released an updated version (v1.0.3) of our iPad Discovery Shopping App Find&Save for iPad on the App Store on iTunes.

Now for the bits interesting to the iOS dev crowd regarding the approval process.

Submitted Nov. 20, 2013
Reached review status 6 hours later on Nov. 11, 2013
Reached Process Status on Nov. 24, 2013 9:37pm
Available for download on Nov. 24, 2013 10:48pm

Means we got a 5 day turnaround time which is not bad headed into the Holiday week.

iPad Screenshot 1